Mar 2, 2009

Dee and Ricky

Dee and Ricky party with Zoe Kravitz, inspire Marc Jacobs and bop around with Pharell Williams.  They are twins, style makers and just plain cute.  I had the fortune of catching up with them as W Hotel dedicated their backstage fashion suite to the twins and their Lego artwork.  Cute, cute stuff.  I have gotten a gazillion comments on my lego brooch and am going back for more.  This Spring I will rock the Etch-a-Sketch belt buckle...I heart Dee and Ricky!!!

Feb 22, 2009

Chanel Iman's tattoo

I notice while at the Jason Wu show that Chanel Iman has a tattoo of a hanger scrawled on her neck.  Waaaay cool!

Feb 20, 2009

Mercedes Benz Party!

The Official Mercedes Benz opening party! My last stop on a day long line of fashion show after fashion show.  Highlight here was Christian Siriano, but I heard on Saturday that the party got really crowded after we left. Oh well!  I am dog tired by this point...The food was great, champagne was pouring.  A great way to celebrate the beginning of a gorgeous week!

McQueen for Target

I over heard a lot of attendees to the Target event comment that this collection in no way looked like any of McQueen's work.  However, I bought a McQueen t-shirt in 1997 that had a black and white 1920's porn picture on the front.  I LOVED it.  It had a button close on the right shoulder and Alexander McQueen scrawled on the back in black.  There are many black and white profile pictures screen-printed on t-shirts through out this collection.  It is classic rocker chic, and the music of The Duke Spirit added to this transport to another place,but the quality of the pieces I bought is phenomenal!  I will wear them all summer.  Perfect for teaching my aspiring fashion students, and something they can afford. 

Will debut at Target March 4.  Preview the pieces.

Christian Cota

I love being transported to another place when I see a collection.  The music and clothes made me feel as if I were Lt. Uhura in a Star Trek episode.  But they were soooo beautiful!  Mr. Cota was Fashion Group International's Rising Star Award Winner for 2009, and maybe the tons of research he does for his collection has something to do with it. From his show notes: "Layered effects emerge from his study of the earth's striated abysses."  "He developed prints from the flecked surfaces of Chrysocalla, Palasite Meteorite and Mexico's native Acanthite (silver surface)."

Available at our own Captiol.

How to translate what's on the runway...

So, I asked one of my style-o-philes this question:  How would my coverage of fashion week help you?

Her answer: I guess my biggest issue with fashion shows is how to incorporate what is being shown into an every day wardrobe. Some of the pointers you gave at the Palm luncheon were great. You narrowed down what you saw to the colors and trends that would be seen on the street in the coming months. You also helped with where we could go to get these looks. Very helpful. My other issue is how to pair things. Like I love tights, but don't know what to where with them. Same with booties. And boots!

Feb 18, 2009

David Elfin

In David Elfin's show notes he sighted his inspiration: "All that in life "touches" me, ends up touching my work.  The passion and the love that I feel for the work of Diane Arbus, has become the motor to create this new collection.  I feel identified with her thought and vision of reality.  The portrait of rareness, the ordinary and extraordinary, the awkward, the hidden, what is unique and exceptional...She taught me beauty is in the sight."  

One thing that caught my attention about this show is that the models walked in what appeared to be 6 in. patent leather Louboutin's.  Incredible!  Another, was Eugenia Silva sitting right across from me, and she is just as gorgeous in person. And yet another?  There were some really unique pieces to be had.

The collection is not available in the states yet, but you can import them at 


I absolutely love fashion week, and one reason is that I am always eager to see the new comers each season.  Bensoni is a newcomer, but only to fashion week that is.  It is currently sold at various retailers and is an on-line resource.  This collection was very strong.  The fabrics were rich and the designs pretty without being too sweet.  Very much a Nicole collection, but also great for someone who wants to be "fashionable" without calling too much attention to themselves.  


Chadwick Bell

This was an absolutely beautifully crafted collection.  The designer is new to show this season at fashion week, is an Yves St. Laurent devotee and formerly worked for Ralph Rucci.  The pieces in this Fall collection really speak to that training and influence.  The thing I most like about the collection is that it is versatile and allows the wearer to look chic in that "I'm not trying to look chic, I just do." sort of way, and can carry the wearer from errands around town, to dinner out with hubby or friends.  

The Spring collection will be available in March at

want to know more?

Feb 17, 2009

Jason Wu

Jason Wu's inspiration for his Fall 2009 came from a collection of fairy-tales he had as a child, and so, the inaugural gown he designed for Michelle Obama at a fairy-tale moment in our nation's history, could have only come from Wu.  This collection was REALLY PRETTY, and the askance tiara's spoke of a princess with intellectual merit.  A great description of our First Lady.  From the third row (my seat assignment) the pictures left a lot to be desired, but you get the gist, part of the fairy-tale was just being there...

As the rest of the fashion pack veered toward rocker-chic and demure colors, Mr. Wu's show was a much needed diversion.  Probably not great for an everyday working woman or stay-at-home mom, but good for those nights out on the town.

Is Jason Wu for you?  Are you a lady who lunches?  Does your style personality reflect Romantic characteristics?  Then maybe, just maybe...try a few pieces on for size, from the spring collection in stores now...

view the entire Fall 2009 collection on

Yigal Azrouel

Yigal's Ivory double faced stretch wool flange collar dress

The notes for Yigal's Fall Winter 2009 collection said the mood is dark and romantic.   Style-o-philes take note: all of the elements the fashionistas wore during fashion week were there.  Leggings, Short fur coats, dark tights, a bit of shine and mini hemlines.  The collection was awash in geometrically structured pieces, and was a beautiful site to behold.

Fashion Week Fall 2009

Inside the tents

For the most part, the collections for Fall were absolutely beautiful.  The vibe at fashion week was a lot more serene and peaceful (with the exception of two really crazy and crowded shows). Designers have all repeated the same mantra in the days leading up to the week.  "In this economy, you have to give the customer a reason to buy", and boy did they ever...

Feb 11, 2009

Change to Friday Fashion Schedule

Will visit Parsons School of Designs Portfolio review session at 3 pm.

How to camouflage the TUMMY area!

  • Choose pants that have straight legs, a flat front and no pockets.  The flat front gives the appearance of a flatter tummy, the straight legs visually elongate the torso and “stretch the tummy area.”  The absence of pockets take away the visual line of extra hips. 
  •  For tops, always buy semi-fitted tops, don’t tuck them in, and make sure they fall just below the waist. (This depends on how tall you are.) check out Empire waist styles, tops that have v-neck lines, and try the tunneling effect which matches your top in tone and color to your bottom.  
  • Always avoid any top that hugs you around the middle.  You can always find these cuts of clothes in any style that is hot or trendy for the season. And this silhouette of  clothing will camouflage your tummy without giving you the "frumpy look."

Feb 9, 2009

Fashion Week!

I leave will arrive in the Big Apple on Friday and dive right into my fashion week schedule.  Below:  a sneak peek:

Graey 6 pm
Academy of Art University 8 pm
Venexiana 9 pm
AND I get a sneak peek at the MUCH anticipated Alexander McQueen for Target collection from 8-11.  I am taking orders for pieces if you need anything!

Feb 3, 2009

Loris Diran

The Fall 2009 Fashion week invites have started to pour in.  I will leave Charlotte on February 13, and so will miss this one, but take a peek at this collection from Loris Diran!

Jan 28, 2009

Another use for the Pumice Stone

So, I bought a Lutz and Patmos sweater designed by Kirsten Dunst from Capitol (clothing boutique) this past summer and I LOVE it.  There was one problem, the sweater sheds and knots like crazy, (that's part of it's look, you know Kirsten Dunst has this sort of fabulously grunge look?)  Well, I am not sure how I got here, but I picked up an unopened pumice stone from under my bathroom sink and began to bush my sweater with it. Voila! Knots gone!  It is a great sweater shaver, and now I carry it in my stylist's kit.

Jan 26, 2009


Well, it's been almost a week since Michelle Obama introduced her inaugural dress to the world.  I have gotten mixed reviews about her wardrobe, from those who think she hit the nail on the head to those who feel she has lost her way, to those who absolutely hated each and every piece.

As most of my clients can attest to, changing your style is a process.  It is uncomfortable, beautiful, frustrating and wonderful all at the same time.  However, most of my clients don't go through their transformative stage under a microscope.  They are free to do it in the comfort of their own homes.  From my standpoint, I think Michelle is doing a wonderful job.  And, she will continue to evolve, we should just give her a bit of room to change. 

Jan 23, 2009

AG Jeans

A client called today and said that her AG Angel jeans ripped in the seat. And she loved them!  I now have an assignment to find more!   She wanted to know if this was because she's gained weight over the holidays, but, I have since remembered that I had another client who had the same thing happen with her Citizens of Humanity jeans. (Don't think weight gain is the culprit). Be careful when purchasing jeans and make sure that they are made out of a durable fabric before you purchase.

Jan 21, 2009

McQueen for Target


Today, looks from the alexander McQueen for Target collection were leaked and the collection is phenomenal.  My favorite piece is the jumpsuit.  This is a great way to get in on a trend without splurging for it, if it doesn't really fit your personal style and you will wear the jumpsuit after it is "popular."  The collection hits stores on March 1.  Put it on your calendar and GO!  This collection is sure to sell out fast and you want to get the best pieces.

Jan 20, 2009

Michelle Obama's Inaugural Suit

Designed by Isabel Toledo, wife of the famed illustrator (Nordstrom magazine ads) Rueben Toledo, and former head designer of Anne Klein.  (If you can get some old pieces, now is the time to do so) the dress was pure perfection.  The green gloves and matching shoes made for a seamlessly unexpected touch.  Michelle's style has shifted, from the days of her rise to the Vanity Fair best dressed list, but now, I think she is finding the perfect mix of her new style and her old. Style lesson to take away:  You can always bend your personal style rules to encompass what is going on around you, and do it  with panache!

Jan 16, 2009

Ted Gibson comes to Target!

Target will be a major force in the change we start to see in the fashion world.  It will become the "go to" place for designer brands.  

Today, I read that celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson's products (which are now sold in Saks, Henri Bendel and Sephora) will be sold by the retailer, starting this weekend.  This product line also includes his iconic "hair sheets" raved about by so many celebrities.  The line is also available on

I love his shampoo and conditioner.  They are so rich and protect my delicate hair from the breakage caused by harsh products.  Life just gets easier by the day!  Now instead of waiting to do my Sephora run, I can run to my local Target!

Body Shapers

Last night, I became a part of a conversation that turned to which shapers work best.  A few suggestions were thrown out, and so I decided to share them with you, because we all could use a little help in the battle of the bulge.

Victoria's Secret High Waist Thigh Shaper.  I love this undergarment.  It is lightweight and so it fits effortlessly under all types of clothing, while giving wonderful, slenderizing support. 

Oroblu's Shock Up Pantyhose- Kelly Brinkley swears by the "suck in" value of these hose.  They actually take an entire 2 inches off!  Amazing!  I ordered these today.

Donna Karan's Body Perfect Collection - we all agreed included the best shapers we have ever tried.  Marcy said that they are so thick that she actually wears a dark pair that she has as leggings. (As you all know, I am all about versatility in the wardrobe!)

What are your favorites?  Please share...

Jan 14, 2009

Tory Burch tote for Obama

I absolutely adore this tote bag by Tory Burch.  It is a part of the Runway to Change collection that began during Obama's campaign and included pieces from scarfs to tee's created by some of the most influential designers in the industry.