Feb 11, 2009

How to camouflage the TUMMY area!

  • Choose pants that have straight legs, a flat front and no pockets.  The flat front gives the appearance of a flatter tummy, the straight legs visually elongate the torso and “stretch the tummy area.”  The absence of pockets take away the visual line of extra hips. 
  •  For tops, always buy semi-fitted tops, don’t tuck them in, and make sure they fall just below the waist. (This depends on how tall you are.) check out Empire waist styles, tops that have v-neck lines, and try the tunneling effect which matches your top in tone and color to your bottom.  
  • Always avoid any top that hugs you around the middle.  You can always find these cuts of clothes in any style that is hot or trendy for the season. And this silhouette of  clothing will camouflage your tummy without giving you the "frumpy look."