Feb 18, 2009

David Elfin

In David Elfin's show notes he sighted his inspiration: "All that in life "touches" me, ends up touching my work.  The passion and the love that I feel for the work of Diane Arbus, has become the motor to create this new collection.  I feel identified with her thought and vision of reality.  The portrait of rareness, the ordinary and extraordinary, the awkward, the hidden, what is unique and exceptional...She taught me beauty is in the sight."  

One thing that caught my attention about this show is that the models walked in what appeared to be 6 in. patent leather Louboutin's.  Incredible!  Another, was Eugenia Silva sitting right across from me, and she is just as gorgeous in person. And yet another?  There were some really unique pieces to be had.

The collection is not available in the states yet, but you can import them at www.davidelfin.com