Jan 13, 2009

Style Advice

Lucia Tait and Amanda Sheppard-Coup de Coeur

12) Do you have any shopping tips or advice?

L: Without giving our professional secrets away (!), I would advise that this is the perfect time to stop buying so much ‘stuff’ and start buying classics and investment pieces, with a few indulgences thrown in. If you are craving something trendy, try shopping at Target or choosing a new fabulous piece of jewelry. If you have a few formal events coming up, buy one quality design from a designer who does formal really well (think Oscar de la Renta or Peter Som), not a bunch of trendy ‘party dresses’ you probably won’t like in a year or so.

A: Absolutely, quality over quantity!! Make your look unique with accessories that personalize your style and always tailor pieces to fit - as we mentioned.  And last, if you favor a certain designer or trend, vintage or resale might be the way to acquire one-of-a-kind or unique pieces that will stand out in your wardrobe.